What is Tokyo Powder?


Introducing the best climbing chalk in the climbing industry! (in our own honest opinion) Made in Japan.

Is climbing chalk just a chalk? Is your climbing shoe just any climbing shoe? We learned that in the sport of climbing, chalk is as essential as any gear you use to perform. Learn more about TPI chalk below:

BLACK A culmination of 3 years of development, BLACK represents the ultimate in friction performance of any chalk. It contains mild natural acidic ingredients from the Japanese Onsen that both increases friction and also maintains the hands in a dry state. Our tests have shown that it works well in virtually every environment, dry or humid, and on all rock types - from granite, sandstone to polished limestone, and even indoors. It is the preferred choice of Athlete Miho Nonaka too! For athletes and those who demand more out of your chalk, this is the one for you

PURE an ultra-fine Magnesium Carbonate that is sourced from the ocean, rather than like most brands, from cliffs. Because of the source and manufacturing process, the texture is super soft and coats the skin evenly and quickly, so you use less chalk. Thanks also to its nature, it's gentle on the skin when compared to most alternatives. This is the best pick for those with sensitive skin, or simply like super fine chalk. 

EFFECT is a Bergamot and Geranium infused chalk which is said to improve circulation and calm the senses. It's ideal for chalking up before the crux of your route, as you slow your breathing and calm yourself down before tackling it. Pick this for a calming effect.

SPEED was made to excite with scents of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Peppermint. The very scent of it turns your engines on, for you to speed up those tacky sections of a route. It works great as a mild insect repellent as well. This is a great pick for those needing an energy boost.