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Do you want to start training to improve your climbing skills? The internet source approach can be overwhelming, Enter Gimme Kraft! AIR 

A training book is written for people who are keen to start training with easy to digest instructions and clear visuals to keep you motivated!

Climb Better, Feel Better. Climbing Training Meets Good Health.

Mobility. Stability. Strength.

Climbing training, the trinity is still your name! A great leap forward for your entire body on so many levels, making you not only a better climber but also a more healthy one: Because it’s all about balance and equilibrium.

Simon Friedrich presents to you the best training equipment and how to use it – the perfect foundation for you to build your own workout routine, no matter if you’re a newbie or fitness buff. The bonus benefits: Faster recovery, better mobility, less prone to injuries, more success, and more fun climbing.

Gimme Kraft!