La Dura Eco Chalkbag

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The LA DURA ECO Chalkbag is the perfect companion for climbers on the go. Its compact design makes it easy to pack and travel with, and its roll-down closure ensures that your chalk stays secure inside. The large main chalk compartment provides plenty of space for all your chalk needs, and the elastic brush loop keeps your brush handy and accessible.

Made from durable and waterproof ECOPAK™ 100% recycled polyester, the LA DURA ECO Chalkbag is built to last. And because each chalkbag is made from 2-3 recycled water bottles, you can feel good about reducing your environmental impact.


  • Compact design for travel
  • Pull up string secure storage
  • Large main chalk compartment
  • Elastic brush loop
  • Durable DuraFlex plastic buckle
  • Fabric: ECOPAK™ 100% recycle polyester/waterproof, each chalkbag = 2-3 recycled water bottles.


  • Easy to pack and travel with
  • Keeps chalk secure inside
  • Provides plenty of space for all your chalk needs
  • Keeps brush handy and accessible
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Made from recycled materials

Order your LA DURA ECO Chalkbag today and experience the difference!

Availabe in: Neon Green, Hot Pink, Navy Blue, and Bright Orange